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The Last Journey 
Before Nodar Djindjihashvili left his homeland for the final time, he made a secret odyssey that took him into forty communities spanning 10,000 miles. He recorded Jewish life wherever he found Jews-- in the street, in the synagogue, even in cemeteries. The photographer looked for an answer to the question of Jewish identity by stretching his vision from the Jews massacred at Babi Yar to those surviving day-to-day in remote parts of the Soviet Union An important historic document. 

"Djindjihashvili and his companions...amplify the dimensions of Soviet Jewish woe."-Booklist

Winner of the CINE Gold Eagle  
Silver Medal, Int'l Film and Television Festival  

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ISBN 1-56082-054-3  
24 min., #119, DVD, Color, $29.95 

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