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Visions, Images and Dreams: Yiddish Film Past and Present
Eric Goldman's ground-breaking history of the people and events instrumental in shaping the development of Yiddish film. The book contains extensive photographs and a filmography. 

"Meticulously researched, written without gush...[a] labor of love."
-London Jewish Chronicle 

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ISBN 0-9622024-0-1
242 pp., #700, Softcover, 80 photos, $24.95 


Almonds and Raisins
Russ Karel's wonderful history of the phenomenon of Yiddish cinema, as remembered by the actors, directors and producers who created it.  Includes excerpts from many of the films of that vanished era. Narrated by Orson Welles. A wonderful collector's item! 

"Fascinating! A compelling, feeling film that evokes a past never to be revived."-New York Times 

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ISBN 0-9622024-2-8 
90 min., #731, B&W, $39.95

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