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Shalom of Safed

Shalom of Safed was a humble watchmaker who lived in Safed, in the Galilee.  At the age of fifty-eight, he began to paint and was almost immediately acclaimed as a great and unique folk-artist. This video explores the scope and detail of his paintings as well as the spiritual and physical sources of his inspiration.

Winner of the CINE Gold Eagle

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ISBN 0-9622024-4-4

30 min., #709, color, DVD, $19.95



Come Let Us Dance (Lomir Geyn Tantsn)
We are all familiar with Klezmer music - but what dances go together with the music? In the communities of Central and Eastern Europe, dancing was always present at weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, many spiritual gatherings and other happy occasions.  Miriam Rochlin teaches us the dance steps of a Freylekh and two variations of the Sher.  A protegee of Polish-born dancer/choreographer Nathan Vizonsky, Ms. Rochlin brings the history and context of these dances alive, while filmmaker Karen Goodman enriches our understanding of Jewish dance and culture.

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48 min, #922, Color, DVD, $29.95

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Profile of an Artist: Moriziu Gottlieb
Polish Jewish artist Moriziu Gottlieb died tragically at the age of 23, over a hundred years ago.  During his brief career, the man regarded as the "Jewish Rembrandt" attained lofty heights in the art world.  Through a detailed and vivid description of Gottlieb's work, the atmosphere of life in nineteenth century Eastern Europe is masterfully captured.
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ISBN 1-56082-065-9
40 min., #707, Color, DVD, $29.95


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