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The Golem of L.A. 
Ed Asner stars as Rabbi Judah Lowenstein, the elderly Rabbi of Los Angeles' oldest remaining synagogue, in Lewis Schoenbrun's contemporary version of 'The Golem'. Twenty-one year old David cannot fully comprehend his grandfather's love for the Rabbi's congregation. When the 75 year old house of worship is about to be demolished to make way for luxury apartments, Grandpa, in a final dramatic act of desperation, enlists the aid of the supernatural in resolving the crisis. Set against the background of urban 1990's America, the story provides keen insight into the modern-day Jewish generation gap.

Competition Winner, Saguaro Film Festival
Gold Award, Houston Int'l Film Festival 
Winner of the CINE Gold Eagle


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ISBN 1-56082-164-7

25 min., #435, Color, DVD, $29.95


On Common Ground
Michael Green is embarking upon his first job interview since graduating college. While he is preparing himself for the interview ritual, his mother is nagging him to go on the familyís annual trip to grandmotherís house for Hanukkah. This year, however, Michael just might have to choose between the trip and a new job, between tradition and the workplace. Through several flashbacks to traumatic events from his childhood, we are made aware of his identity crisis. Will Michael discuss the conflict with his potential employer? Will he land the job? An innovative and refreshing approach, by Ben Semanoff, to being "Jewish in America."

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ISBN 1-56082-274-0

13 min., #448, Color, DVD, $25.95


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