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   The Former Soviet Union

Dosvedanya Means Good-bye 
Tamara Okun was a Russian Jew who waited eight years to receive her exit visa and come to the United States. 
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The King and the Fool  
The great Yiddish Theater artists of the Soviet Union, Solomon Mikhoels and Benjamin Zuskin, "the king and the fool" as they were affectionately called.  
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Moving Mountains: The Montreal Yiddish Theatre in Russia 
The Montreal Yiddish Theatre, with director Dora Wasserman, went to Russia in the late 1980's.
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The Last Journey 
A record of Jewish life in forty communities spanning 10,000 miles in remote parts of the Soviet Union.
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The Train to Happiness
The Jewish Shalom Theatre travels the length and breadth of the region previously lost to Communism, where anti-Semitism still exists.
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