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   Jews in Arab Lands

The Jews of Djerba 
Djerba, an island off the southeast coast of Tunisia, is home for a small and little known Jewish community. 
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The Dhimmis: To Be a Jew in Arab Lands 

This documentary details the centuries of persecution endured by Jews living in Arab lands.  
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Five videos from Tel Aviv's Beth Hatefutsoth- Museum of the Jewish Diaspora. Buy all five DVD's.
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Jewish Communities of the Middle Ages 
The Jewish communities of Babylonia, Spain and Ashkenaz were once great centers of Jewish life and learning.  Each segment is ten minutes.
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In  the Footsteps of Marrano Families & Living Moments in Jewish Spain 

Jewish life in Medieval Spain and Portugal, after the expulsion in 1492.
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The Communities of Kaifeng & San'a 
The exotic Jewish communities of Kaifeng (China) and San'a (Yemen).
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The Communities of Fez & Salonica  
The history of the Moroccan Jewish community of Fez and the Greek community of Salonica.
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The Story of Two Synagogues 

This video depicts the unique design and style of two beautiful synagogues in Chodorov, Poland and Curacao in the Caribbean.
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