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    In Search of Peace

Backgrounds: A Brief History of Israel and the Arab/Palestinian Conflict
Using narration, instead of interviews, this unique documentary presents the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, spanning from Biblical times to the First Intifada. Barbara Pfeffer's video, which uses historic and contemporary photos, film footage and maps, offers an objective overview and makes this complex history comprehensible, even to the previously uninformed. The passions and perspectives of the Israelis, the Palestinians and Arab neighbors is presented, as well as differing viewpoints within each of these groups, helping the viewer to better understand the nature of the current conflict and the claims of two peoples to the same piece of land.

"This brief video is technically flawless and will go a long way to helping viewers of all ages understand this part of the world a little better."-Video Rating Guide
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ISBN 1-56082-199-X

30 min., #240, DVD, Color, $39.95


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