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  Haven for the Oppressed  

In 1938, thirty-two nations met at the Evian Conference to find new homes for endangered European Jews. Only one, the Dominican Republic ruled by dictator Rafael Trujillo, offered sanctuary.  In 1940, a group of Jews escaping the Nazi terror found a haven on this beautiful Caribbean island.  This courageous community's story of flight and relief is told within the context of the joys and conflicts of contemporary life.

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ISBN 1-56082-071-3

30 min., #127, Color, DVD, $29.95


The Last Refuge:
The Story of the Jewish Refugees in Shanghai
As Hitlerís plan to eradicate the Jewish People was becoming abundantly clear, millions of European Jews were desperately seeking refuge in any country that would accept them. Under pressure from Nazi Germany, most countries closed their doors to them, except for Shanghai, China, a city that most European Jews   had never heard of. Shanghai became the only place in the world that required no entry visas or permits.  Thus, from 1938 to 1942, about 18,000 Jews successfully escaped to Shanghai.

Like many untold stories in the history of mankind, the story of the Shanghai Jewish Refugees has its unique significance, which, in this film is revealed by the survivors' first-hand accounts, scholarly analysis, and valuable historical stock footage.

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ISBN 1-56082-304-6

50 min., #184, Color, DVD, $39.95


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